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Forest Schools in Sussex

Woods for Learning is a Community Interest Company, which strives to deliver a high quality and inclusive Forest Schools programme, following the six guiding principles of Forest SchoolsThe aim of Gary Marlow, the founder of Woods for Learning, is that every participant in a Forest Schools session benefits from the opportunity to explore, discover, play, learn and go back to nature in a woodland environment.

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What are Forest Schools?

The Forest School ethos developed in Scandinavia for pre-school children in the 1950s and since the mid 1990s has become increasingly popular here in the UK. It's a concept that takes a long term sustained approach to outdoor learning. Forest Schools seek to encourage, motivate, engage and inspire children through positive outdoor experiences.

 Research in Sweden found and concluded that pre-school children in a forest school setting were more balanced with greater social capability; they had fewer days off sick; were more able to concentrate and had better co-ordination. They played for a longer time, with less annoyance or interruption of each other compared to children in the city.

 Children attending Forest School pre-schools were arriving at school with stronger social skills and a greater ability to work in groups. Generally the children had high self-esteem and confidence in their own capabilities. This was concluded as being as a consequence of being in a pleasant, natural, fun and less stressful environment.