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Gym Class



Let's make it exciting!

At Marlow Sports, we have spent the past two decades delivering Physical Education programmes and Sports Coaching to Schools and Youth Organisations across the UK

More than your average PE lesson

Big School Camp

At Hove Park School

Marlow Sports were delighted to take the lead in delivering an Outdoor Activity experience for the Year 7 pupils of Hove Park School. The programme involved Forest School activities, bushcraft, sports events, camping, games and plenty of fun physical activity.

PE Class

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We take time to understand the needs, requirements and working practices of your organisation. Through carefully designed Sports Programmes we aim to increase participation and the overall enjoyment of Physical Education through play, fun and teamwork.

Curriculum based PE lessons

From Early Years to KS4, we run a diverse programme of indoor and outdoor based PE Lessons, including training and consultancy for teachers looking to improve sports inclusion, involvement and performance throughout the school.

  • Getting Active - Whole school inclusion

  • Hockey

  • Cricket

  • Tennis

  • Rounders

  • Gymnastics


Marlow Sports have developed and delivered some of the most exciting and sustainable sports programmes in the country over the past 20 years.

  • The Road to Eastbourne School Tennis Competition (Creator)

  • Spin Tennis (The first wheelchair Tennis programme in the South East)

  • First ever "Gifted and Talented" programme for disabled children (2005)

  • Bubbles and Balloons

  • Parastars

  • All Access - Ski trips

  • Orienteering Cross Curriculum

  • Sport4Kids Development Programme

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