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Marlow Sports Global Outdoor Provider of the Year Award.png

Corporate Team Building at Roffey Park Institute

“The afternoon activity with Woods For Learning (Marlow Sports) went down really well with the group, despite some of their initial reservations around the possibility of getting wet and muddy if the weather was not in our favour. The team worked well together and learnt some new skills and bonded. I would definitely recommend Woods For Learning (Marlow Sports) to others. Southern Housing Group”


Commissioned to run an event for 260 Year 7 Children called the Big Camp

Hove Park School Big Camp - watch now on YouTube


Physical Education Special School Impact

  • Attainment in PE has increased throughout the academic year 2016-17

  • In October 2016: 35% of pupils were achieving above expected progress

  • By May 2017 this figure had increased to 54% of pupils achieving above expected progress

  • Attainment in PE has increased throughout the academic year 2017-18

  • In May 2017: 54% of pupils were achieving above expected progress

  • By May 2018 this figure had increased to 85.29% of pupils achieving above expected progress

Physical Education in Primary Schools Head Teacher

“Well done you have made a big difference to the quality of PE being delivered this year and have hugely increased the confidence and ability of all staff to teach PE at a higher level, even those who felt confident prior to your work have benefited. There is visible difference in the quality of PE lessons run when you are not here, especially in active participation and engagement (I haven’t seen bench ball all year). I would recommend your input without reservation to any school. It is valuable money well spent".


Ofsted School 1: 2018

The school makes effective use of the primary physical education and sports premium. A specialist provider works alongside teachers to help build their subject knowledge and practical skills in physical education. Pupils have access to a wide range of sports and physical activities. Notably, and in support of the school’s strong work on building pupils’ appropriate contemporary attitudes, pupils learn to play the Paralympic sport, boccia. Pupils learn the benefits of teamwork, taking turns and playing sportingly. 


Ofsted School 2: 2017

This funding has also been used well to develop outside learning for pupils in key stages 1 and 2. Pupils in key stage 1 greatly enjoy the opportunities they have each week to take part in forest-school activities, such as den-building. This makes a good contribution to pupils’ well-being, sense of enjoyment and attitudes to learning. The forest-school work helps younger pupils to learn how to manage risk to keep themselves safe.

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